MERCY; HCA- Healthcare Assistant. (Diploma in Caregiving, The Nanny Academy, March 2023).

June 19, 2023

I got a job in the UK to work as a Healthcare Assistant, with 5 years sponsorship for me and my family. We did online induction. Everything they talked about during the induction were mostly what I was taught in the Eldercare class at The Nanny Academy. Nothing appeared strange at all.

Thanks to all the instructors at The Nanny Academy. In almost all the job induction sessions, I was able to contribute as if I read about everything somewhere. I had to tell the induction instructor that I was trained at The Nanny Academy, Nigeria. He acknowledged; “They are doing a great job, you have been taught the basics, you just need to practice now to build your portfolio”.

How happy I felt!

I have now been placed with the NHS (National Health Service, UK) a premium place to start this career! You can’t work at NHS without prior experience, but because of my prior and rich training background with The Nanny Academy, which enabled my active participation during the training, I was chosen for this privileged placement!

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