Thank you for your interest in our CERTIFICATE AND DIPLOMA PROGRAMS. Our mission is to provide the highest standard of education for those whose aim is to become Professional Nannies, Childcare Service Providers, Teacher Assistants, Caregivers, Personal Support Workers and Healthcare Assistants

Blended Experience, Facing the future.

The Nanny Academy is recognized by the Lagos State Education Board and supported by the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Youwin Program.

The Nanny Academy’s academic program is unique and rich, conducted by a distinguished faculty dedicated exclusively to the education of Professional Caregivers, Teacher Assistants, Caregivers and Healthcare Assistants.

Offers courses of varying length in Healthcare -Caregiving.

Training at The Nanny Academy revolves around the founding principle that ‘education starts from birth’, blended in with the educational philosophy of Jean Piaget and Howard Gardner, as well as lots of applied real-life experiences.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES (in childcare, personal support, and caregiving)

Graduates of our childcare, caregiving or personal support worker programs find employment with families raising young children, daycare centers, retirement homes, nursing homes, homes for the aged, various community agencies (private and public) as well as independent practice. They provide clearly identified personal care and facilitate routine activities of daily living to assist children, families, or their clients in achieving work life balance, and being as healthy and independent as possible.

Our placement department matches candidates with employers. Since inception, we have created more than fifteen thousand jobs and counting. We are on an employability mission to improve livelihoods in line with the SDG 5. We welcome applications from job seekers in our field of expertise. 

We welcome applications from school leavers, housewives, graduates, and all interested persons who want to pursue careers in Care within and outside Nigeria. Our programs include:

Course Description

Our programs are designed to prepare students with the knowledge and skills needed to provide services to people living at home, families raising children, daycare centers, in long term care facilities and to functions as integral members of the healthcare team.

Upon graduation from any of our programs, the graduate will have demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate with clients, families, and members of the healthcare team. They will also have demonstrated the ability to provide safe and competent care for children and seniors who are experiencing physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral challenges. 

We welcome you to start your care careers with the advantage of our well thought-out and beautifully delivered programs.

Childcare workers/professional nannies and Elder caregivers/ personal support workers are unregulated care service providers who work under the supervision of their employer or a regulated healthcare or early years professional or in the supported independent living environment under the direction of the Client.


Our programs are delivered online and in person.