About The Nanny Academy

Founded in 2010, The Nanny Academy has earned the reputation as the finest program in Nigeria for Nanny and Caregiver Education.

Blended Experience, Facing the future.

The Nanny Academy was established to offer childcare training in Lagos Nigeria where it was novel to do so. Amara Agbim recognized the need for childcare to be more structured, and practiced by individuals who are ready, willing, and happy to do the job, so they can give the children the required attention, without aggression or resentment. The usual practice was that children would be cared for by ‘untutored’ ‘house helps’ before going to school, the expectations of the ‘untutored’ ‘house helps’ were enormous, with many coming from poor backgrounds with little or nothing to give to support the children’s early years.

Offers courses of varying length in Healthcare -Caregiving.

The ‘house helps’ in turn faced the backlash of their employers who expected them to know everything. The Nanny Academy began changing that stereotype, by introducing robust training for people wanting to work with children locally first, and gradually, internationally. Training at The Nanny Academy revolves around the founding principle that ‘education starts from birth’ and blended in with the educational philosophy of Jean Piaget and Howard Gardner, as well as lots of applied real-life experiences.

Why choose The Nanny Academy?

The Nanny Academy holds a vocational training center status locally being registered with the Lagos State Ministry of Education and awarded vocational center partner status by Arcskills under the LSETF project.

All the programs at The Nanny Academy are developed in collaboration with industry practitioners to meet their needs, which is why our graduates are so successful. We are a proudly Nigerian educational institution with an exceptional reputation and an unparalleled commitment to our students and their success.

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2018 graduation

We held our 2018 graduation ceremony on Thursday the 13th of December! It was another